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What’s in a name?

The road travelled. . . .

It feels like yesterday and yet it feels like a lifetime ago too. We’ve all experienced at some point that juxtapositional feeling of time. How is it that some things which happen to us in life make us think that way?

Today I feel as though I’ve been travelling on this ‘Xquizit Learners’ road for such a long time because so much has changed in my life since I set off, and yet the time seems to have gone so quickly too when I look back sometimes.

Every ‘journey’ begins with the first step.

A mentor of mine told me to document everything from the very start the ‘journey’ he called it! I am definitely wanting to find a better word, as that one is so overused, and a bit, well, cringe sometimes! However, it definitely does describe a passing of time through something new which, personally for me, has become somewhat of a transformation and life changer in so many ways.

What’s in a name?

My husband’s online profile when we met was Xqis8t which made me laugh for its cleverness, and the cheeky audacity to describe himself as such! I thought to myself, I’ll be the judge of that!

Fast forward to us being happily married a few years later with my first born three year old son and our daughter from his previous relationship.

At home one evening I started to think about names for this business idea of bringing an extra income stream in our household. I showed my husband the tool I was using on the computer to try to generate names but every idea had been binned so far.

He said to me “you need people to know you are the best at what you do, so that they choose to work with you”.  I explained that I thought it would sound arrogant to big myself up too much.


 Mindset shift

This is where my husband is the perfect balance for me, being my opposite, as he gently reminded me that “a modest mindset and perfectionism have no place in business”. Things are ‘better done than perfect’ I remembered to myself. This is one of the earliest quotes that stuck with me when I started learning about social media marketing. I resonated with me because I realised that I had a lot to work to do in order to overcome my perfectionist tendencies. 

I took a moment to chew on his words, questioning if I’ve actually got what it takes to make a go of this. Suddenly it hits me – thinking in this un-serving way is exactly the very thing my husband is talking about me guarding against!

He is such a confident self assured man, and he couldn’t for the life of him think why I wasn’t!  He is my biggest fan. He knows that to him, and everyone else, I seem self assured and confident on the outside most of the time, but there was a disconnect with my inside feelings and the exterior I have been presenting to the world!

We knew I must change my mindset. He reminded me of the Xqis8t story, and said that I should use that name so that I would always be reminded that mindset is everything. He said “you are the best at what you do, and you want your learners to become the very best, exquisite suggests luxury, premium, and the very best, which is what you bring to people”. Note – Reminder to self …  put him in charge of marketing, he’s certainly boasting my ego with every word!

Why ‘Xquizit’?

Obviously I wanted ‘quiz’ in the title as I’m a teacher, so the spelling of Xquizit came easily. I rolled with idea despite my niggling doubt that people may assume I cannot spell correctly!

I put all doubts aside only to find that many others had also thought it was a good idea too! So many business I found when searching had used the name ‘Xquizit’ in front of a whole variety of things –  from moverz, day tours to home improvement.

Great minds think alike, but ‘Learners’ was all mine, unique, different and I wanted every one that works with me to get the very best quality service from me, and to become their very best.

‘Xquizit Learners’ it just had to be!

Some time went by until we decided to secure the name Xquizitlearners.co.uk (and .com). We knew this was a good decision for the future, even if we did nothing else regarding this business idea of mine for a while. At least at a later date it would be there to use when we were ready. It was quite some time before we became somewhat ready though as life threw us a few curve balls. As a result we are now becoming pros at swerving balls, and we are pressing on!

Lessons learned

No matter what happens in life you can pick yourself up and keep going, swerving those balls, come what may!  You should always be your own biggest fan, and nurture a positive mindset to become the very best that you can be. If I had listened to my niggling doubts or let those balls deeply wound me, I would not be this far along the road. Possibly no longer even on this road!

We have a responsibility to our children to encourage this positive mindset as much as possible from the youngest young age.  We can then best equip them for facing all of life’s ‘journey’ ,and curve balls, independently in adult hood.

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